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Poor Lover Boy Man Baby


Featuring the Art of Sandra Attales

Opening Reception

June 1st // 6-10pm

POOR LOVER BOY MAN BABY is launching point for Attales’s exploration of social and personal questions in regards to the importance of “female tasks” within the household. The series features lady mischiefs of the past who’ve been charged and arrested for hustling to make a dollar through unlawful acts such as prostitution and theft. Her focus remains on the mundane tasks left behind once women are removed from the home. These made up scenarios are a way for Attales to make us question who’s in the wrong, the women being arrested or society for removing them from the household? Cynical tag lines such as, “at least he can cook bacon” and “she still had time to fold his clothes” introduce a light hearted sarcasm belonging to both stereotypes. Attales redirects the focus from why these women were arrested to the importance of their rolls in day to day domestic spheres. She highlights the responsibilities left behind creating a sense of desperation for their return.

Earlier Event: January 26